Ver voorbij het pad van goed of fout, meningen en oordelen bevindt zich een open plek: daar ontmoet ik je graag

Rumi (1207-1273)

Welcome to YourTime Therapy, personally tailored therapy with attention to you in the place of your choice.

I am Maartje Hartman (1978), GZ psychologist, EMDR Europe Practitioner and Registered Outdoor Psychologist. YourTime Therapy is an outdoor psychology practice specializing in trauma and other stress-related complaints. In outdoor therapy, nature is our consultation room. If you prefer to follow therapy from your own safe familiar surroundings, we can conduct our conversations online. All, of course, with full attention to you. After all, therapy is your time; your time, your therapy. In addition to outdoor and online therapy, I also offer equitherapy.

Why choose YourTime Therapy?

  • Personalized, expert therapy tailored to your symptoms and needs (customized).
  • Therapy involving not only talking but also experiencing
  • Approachable and personally tailored to you
  • You are the focus, therapy is ‘your’ time, your time, your therapy
  • Big-registered therapist with a lot of experience and great job satisfaction
  • EMDR Europe practitioner

It happens to almost everyone from time to time. A period in your life when you are not feeling well. For example, you suffer from stress and tension symptoms, you have experienced something drastic, you feel gloomy or anxious, you mull a lot and sleep badly. Often these symptoms go away on their own. But sometimes it’s nice not to have to solve it alone and to have conversations with someone who expertly thinks with you in this. Sometimes your symptoms last longer than you would like, even then it can be helpful to ask for help with this. You can read more about what I can do for you on the For You and Therapy Forms pages.

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